Friday, March 21, 2008

Dahab Egypt

It's been 4 days of diving in Sharm el Sheikh and now a fifth day in Dahab. Wonderful!

I wasn't happy with the one hour drive through the desert this morning, nor the 6am pickup for yesterday's wreck diving. But once I'm in the water all the logistical problems disolve into the Red Sea and the world seems beautiful. La vita es bela!

Tonight the desert highway is particularly beautiful! The full moon is casting a pallet of greys over the mountains. Bare rock seems to have awakened to some type of soft life. Shadows shift as does the jagged horizon between the earth and sky. The beauty of the wilderness is so clear at night.

Tomorrow we've got one more dive; a night dive. Then we'll get to enjoy the moonlight on coral. I can't wait! But first, my first full night's sleep in a week.


J. D. said...

You can't complain enough to make us believe that you are not having a wonderful time. It's a good thing that one hour of driving thru a desert and loss of a little sleep does not a vacation make. My friend, Carol, said the desert was beautiful because of the rolling hills of sand and the shifting dunes. On your way to the dives, stop and smell the...oh! I mean, stop and observe the beauty and the multitude of colours in the sand. I sure hope you get a good night of sleep before returning to work. WORK! Ah, Boo! Love...Mom

irene said...

Looks great !!! Would you believe it's SNOWING back home ? We're might have a white Easter this year....... By the way, happy Easter to you and your mom !!!!!

quilly said...

Sweet dreams of mermaids and your own set of gills! (And sometimes sleep is highly over-rated.)