Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures from Egypt

Diving in the desert! "The Canyon", Dahab Egypt.

Hotels and empty desert.

The "bus" on pitstop before venturing into the wasteland highway to Dahab.

Diving in Dahab was... unique. Watch where you step.

I met lots of great people! Future friends and dive buddies.

Me happy I'm about to dive the wreck of the Thistlegorm.

On the wreck of the Thistlegorm.

Upside down watching the videocamera watch me.

Underwater love.


J. D. said...

Dearest Morgan...These pics make my day!! I love the underwater views and the diver/camel pic tells a wonderful story. I can't believe my baby has actually stepped in camel dung. I bet that's considered good luck in Egypt. For sure, it's good luck here. Hugs.....Mom

Charline said...

Great Shots Morgan! It's so easy to see that you LOVE diving! Amazing views of underwater. You were no doubt a fish in a former life..or perhaps even this one!

quilly said...

I found myself wondering what the camel thinks of the rubber men. That was my favorite photo.
I am so glad you shared it.

I Dive At Night said...

Mom, I avoided stepping in it, thank you very much. The camel pic with the divers is my favourite too.

Charline, the more time I spend with them, the hard it is for me to eat them. I think I am a fish... a coral feeder. Hope I'm not a little fish to some big fish.

Quilly, well the guy on the camel's back see's only dollar signs. The camel likely has something more insightful.

Minka said...

Wonderful pictures and a few I hadn't seen yet. :)

Underwater love is a nice one! Did you see a mermaid?