Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's probably the flu

I've done pretty well lately. I got a flu shot last fall and was one of the few people who didn't spend 4 days sick after Joby's New Year's Party. Travelling and jetlag usually catch up with me and make me a bit sick. But I made it across the ocean twice without burning out or getting ill. Egypt, however, seems to have gotten the better of me.

In fact, I was a little tiny teeny bit worried. Along with a feeling of tired and "funny tummy" problems I've had soreness in both hands and tingling through my arms. I called DAN, the Diver's Alert Network, this morning to ask about the possibility of Decompression Sickness.

It's not. I spoke to the Chief Diving Officer for the Royal Dutch Navy. It seems very likely I'm suffering from either a mild influenza or a touch of food poisoning. Either can cause the muscle aches (it's not joint pain) and the tingling and of course the funny-tummy effects.

And I'm getting old. My suitcase seems to have done the most damage. Both hands are stiff from lugging around the equipment, but my left, responsible for a solo-lift onto a particularly high conveyor belt, is the worst. I recognize the feeling as being the same as when I overdue it in the gym.

My worst muscle cramp hit while I was on the airplane. This was worrisome! However this was 58 hours after my last dive and only 1 hour after straining with the suitcase. The diving doc assures me that 99.99% of all depression problems on planes occur within 24 hours of the last dive.

So the prescribed course is aspirin and rest. If it's food poisoning I'll certainly start to feel better through the day. If it's the flu I may well get worse. Oh joy. But, so much better than worrying about a diving injury!


Irene said...

Poor you !!! I think you should stay in bed, I assume you're back in Holland and since the weather is awfull there's no reason to go outside,except maybe to buy some chicken soup and oranges.... hope you feel better soon !!!!! Big hug, Irene

I Dive At Night said...

Irene, I thought I did have to go out for groceries... then you reminded me of chicken soup. I've got that! Thanks.

Irene said...

Good for you, you should ALWAYS have chicken soup in your house. I usually take the powder version, but cans are of course better.
How're you doing, feeling a little more alive ? I'm not surprised you get exhausted with all that travelling.........
By the way, I may have to come alone on the 12th, Vinnie has to go to a birthday in Belgium, but he'll try to join us later ;-)

J. D. said...

Morgan Dearest,

Hell's bells! I was thinking last week that you hadn't had flu or any illness in quite a long time. Ten years ago you had a cold every second month. Since then you've only had the average two colds (or flu symptoms) a year. Food poisoning hits within two hours of eating. Your immune system may be low because of smoking.

Dad is outside hanging up my shingle as I write. Please feel better tomorrow. If it lasts longer, see a (real) doctor. I don't like tingling arms and hands, but carrying heavy tanks and equipment could explain that. Two words for you...SLEEP & FLUIDS. "Thus, endeth the lesson." (I'm sure "endeth" must be in an old English dictionary somewhere.)

Much love from Dad and me.....Mom

quilly said...

Could it be a combination of muscle strain and "traveler's tummy"? Acid reflux will also make your hands and arms tingle, and eating exotic foods could bring on a bout.

I hope you're feeling better?