Sunday, March 30, 2008

It always surprises me

It sneaks up on me every time. Year in and year old, Daylight Savings Time always surprises me on Sunday; sometimes Sunday afternoon.

It's not just time to change the time on the clocks, but times themselves are 'a changing. Case in point, the clocks. In my living room there are clocks on two computers, a clock on the wall, and my watch was on the coffee table. Of the four, only the watch needed to be set.

Indeed, throughout the whole apartment I have to update my watch, the microwave, and my alarm clock. The others all automatically update themselves! My mobile, my (radio controlled) wall clock and all the computers were smart enough to handle the hour jump.

Odd that the alarm clock, the only timepiece that really matters, is one of the few that needs manual attention. I'm now looking forward to a not-so-distant future when every clock in my home will adjust to DST automatically. I'll wake up; it'll be unusually dark. I'll assume it's due to clouds, and I won't figure out why I'm a bit tired, and daylight savings time will come and go without having to bother my conscious brain for a moment.


quilly said...

I'd just as soon have control over my own life -- even for the small things like changing the clocks.

J. D. said...

Hi Morgan...Whenever I look at a clock, I automatically add six to tell myself what time it is where you are. Needless to say, I've been very confused during all your travels lately. ( +6, +5 ???)...Mom

Monitor de LCD said...

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Minka said...

In Iceland we don't change time, we kinda think it is not ours to adjust :) What if you buy a clock in Amsterdam and then move the China? Will it stick with its nativeness or will it go chinese timing?

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, you feel a sense of control over time?

Mom, six (6) hours again.

Bonjour Monitor, merci. I look forward to reading your blog.

Minka, a lot in Iceland doesn't change with time. So it makes sense you don't bother to change time itself. But uhm, the clock you buy in Amsterdam is actually "Made in China" so I think it works in both places.