Monday, May 05, 2008

The Northlander

The second time I passed this parked train I got the camera out and open fast enough to take a picture. The giant Air Canada advertisement painted on the side catches my attention. A quick glance to Google tells me that the train used to be one that runs between Toronto and Cochrine, Ontario.

Where's Cochrine? Well, have you ever imagined seeing vast forested wilderness with nobody anywhere near? No roads or phones or settlements. Well you could jump off at that place long before the train reaches Cochrine.

And now this train is sitting just outside Amsterdam's Cental Station. I wonder what it thinks of the change? Wilderness to urban. Lifeline to waiting for repair/repaint. I hope it gets to bring me a few more smiles before it goes back to work.


quilly said...

Small world. Even for trains.

Charline said...

I actually rode on one of these Northlander trains during my stint in Northern Ontario! Interesting that the trains are now in Amsterdam. Cochrane is indeed a "special" place!

Minka said...

This reminds me of Thomas die kleine Lokomotive and the adventures he goes through. I think this train should get a name too. i am suggesting Willibert!