Thursday, October 19, 2006

48 Hours to home!

I'm too excited to sleep. In less than 48 hours (46?) I'll be home in Holland!

I've spent most of the last 7 months travelling. I've been to Atlanta, NYC, and Boston for work, to Niagara Falls and Toronto a number of times to visit, to Florida and Alabama for scuba trips, and driven about 25,000kms through 18 states and 2 provinces. I've been on 7 flights and crossed the Atlantic a few times. Like the old song says," I'm tired and I wanna go home."

Although not tired enough for sleep. I've tried laying there, but just keep picturing being home soon. The place will be a mess. It'll take days just to get all the dust-bunnies but I'm looking forward to it. To caring for my stuff rather than being in a hotel. Woohoo! Let the dusting begin!

But first, I hope I get some sleep.

1 comment:

Irene Bons said...

Let's hope Rogier has done at least SOME cleaning....... CU SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!