Sunday, October 15, 2006

If Jesus got laid, it was in Nazareth!

Unlike the Da Vinci Code, I'm not willing to go out on a limb and claim whether or not Jesus got laid, had kids, all that... but if Jesus got laid, I'm SURE it was in Nazareth!

A prophet is never welcome in his home town. But the prodigal son is welcome with open arms. The net sum... a man is more dangerous in his home town/country than ever elsewhere.

Tell people what you've achieved, and they may be impressed. Tell people what you've achieved and that you've from where they're from and... WOW... things change.

The reference to getting laid is simply a metaphor, but in terms of making friends, gaining status, achieving success, having fun, it is incredible how much the idea of the prodigal son overshadows the idea if the prophet in his home town. They're both correct, both true. But one far out-weighs the other in impact.

I once worked in a company where an engineer left and returned a director. His three or four years of outside experience far outweighed the same three years in the same place. This corporate lesson holds true throughout life. Three years overseas, in another company, doing a different job, whatever, holds more sway than three years of the same old same old.

Power to the traveller!

We don't intend it when we leave. We're looking for something new and different. And yet our experience let's us understand the universal human condition in a way that others with less experience never can.

This won't make sense to someone who hasn't done it... picked up and moved half a world, or a quarter world away. But what it boils down to is simple. If Jesus ever did got laid (in his short time on Earth) then he most likely got laid in Nazareth.

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Irene Bons said...

Is it my imagination, or are you having a REALLY good time over there in Canada ? Have fun, but don't forget to come back to Amsterdam.....