Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PARTY this weekend!

Many moons ago I made reference in this blog to Joby and Mike. Both world wanderers, both crazy party-type (when they were younger) people, both friends of mine almost since the start of my professional career, and both coming to town THIS WEEKEND!

Mike lives here but has been working in the states for months now. (He took over my work in Boston.) Joby is Joby. Apparently he's working all over and living no where in particular. He and his wife are preparing for a move (mostly likely) to Europe and he'll be crashing on my couch this weekend.

The couch isn't comfy. It's okay. It won't cause any kind of terminal back problems. But it isn't comfy. THUS, it's my responsibility to make sure my old friend is sufficiently wrecked before tucking him in each night, lest he complains about the "bed".

So to all, I appologize in advance. The party this weekend will be loud enough to keep everyone everywhere awake a little later than desired. Sorry! >:-)


Quilly said...

Have fun, but be safe! (I can't help it. Once a Sunday School teacher, always a Sunday School teacher.)

J. D. said...

Ya! What Quilly said!!!.....J.D.