Thursday, March 15, 2007

Too Much Energy!

I'm back from work and have lots of cleaning and prep for my weekend guest. Good thing I've got lots of energy. Too much energy. In fact, I've gone through the day with WAY too much energy!

I was a butterfly today at work. I fluttered about the office (in a relaxed masculine way) going from conversation to conversation; and occassionally email to email. I even made an effort to ease off on my usual coffee consumption. It didn't help, since today's energy wasn't physical but was instead a nervous mental chaos that just couldn't be satiated.

So thank goodness it was a happy energy! I had a big (nearly maniacal) smile on my face the whole day. And as a result I got met by smiles all day. Shucks darn I was in the new office with all the beautiful young women.

Come to think of it, it's bloody amazing any work got done. And yet a good bit did.

Tomorrow I suspect the energy will still be there. All the greater for the knowledge that the weekend will be just hours away. And then no work will go well.


Quilly said...

A male butterfly. I know they exist, but my mind boggles. i hope your weekend lives up to your expectations.

bex said...

Scuba diving cat!